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Lugana succesfully copes with climate change


A vertical tasting of Lugana Le Morette has proved the capacity of Turbiana to adapt to climate change

Confronting our grapes with the climate change we have been experiencing in the last thirty years – this is the challenge we dared to facethrough a blind tasting of 10 vintages of Lugana Le Morette. The goal was to understand how climate change may affect the final product, the wine.

The results show the potential of the Turbiana grape, an indigenous variety, typical of of our territory which we use to produce Lugana DOC. This surprising result can be linked to two main factors:

- the properties of Turbiana variety. The grape is selected locally, directly at Le Morette, and therefore we believe it is more integrated wh the environment from a genetic point of view, allowing for a better capacity to adapt even in challenging vintages. Turbiana is also a vine which is able to live for many years. It has been proven that old vines are less vulnerable thanks to their extended root system which allows for deeper interaction with the soil;

- the ability of the grapegrower to shape each single vintage by making specific agronomic choices able to counteract challenging vintages phenomena. For example, green harvest and drip irrigation are two ways to cope with hot weather.

The macrophenomenon of climate change can be managed only if we can rely on grapes that well support these changes and only if the winemaker has the capacity to combine his experience and skills, thus reducing the impact of climate change on the vine. “Nowadays – sums up Fabio Zenato owner of Le Morette – we must focus even more on the delicate balance between the environment, the vine and the man, which is the only way that allows to achieve authentic, quality viticulture, in the name of sustainability”.

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