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Le Morette on the road

46151521_2148243195392749_8657797471868551168_nAfter the harvest, in autumn we picked up our suitcases and started to travel all over the world to make our wines known. In October, together with the Consortium of Lugana DOC wines, we took part of a series of wine tastings in the United States. Chicago and New York were important stops to broaden the audience of white wines of Lake Garda, and we concluded the trip with a visit to Washington. Here Le Morette wines have long been present and appreciated in various restaurants that offer Italian cuisine.

Also in the following weeks there were international events: a tasting with the Consorzio Lugana in Tokyo on October 31st, a fair in Germany in Hannover and the presence at the Merano Wine Festival in The Circle and in the Rosé Vino Futuro, a stand dedicated to Italian rosé wines from native grapes. And then, the last appointment in November. On Wednesday November 21st we will fly to the East to take part in an exclusive tasting in Manila, the first tasting of our wines in the Philippines.

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