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Morette, the symbol

A symbol of the Garda

The Morette are a particular species of wild duck which nests in the Frassino Lake. A bird that once could be seen every day during periods of nesting and that still today can be encountered a few steps away from our cellar.
We chose this animal as a symbol of our farm because of its beauty and elegance and because of the meaning that this particular species carries within. The deep respect for nature and the care for the environment, that distinguish our farm wereborn from the actual positioning of the vineyards; they are in fact, on the banks of the Frassino Lake, an area denominated protected natural oasis for its floral and wildlife distinctive traits.
A sensitivity expressed in a daily modus operandi, developed in full compliance with the naturalistic balance and with a solid bond with the territory, the stability of which is guaranteed by the implementation of integrated farming principles, with the aim of defining the vegetable-productive balance of the vineyards, by using organic amendments and natural origin substances.

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