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New match: Chiaretto Le Morette and Filet mignon


Chiaretto Le Morette in abbinamento a filet mignon

Illustrazione di Julia Lea per Wine Enthusiast

Overseas we receive the confirmation that our Chiaretto is suitable for every occasion. We read on the American magazine Wine Enthusiast an article by Jacy Topps that breaks up the classic combination of meat and red wine, proposing a selection of rosé among which there are many names of international importance.

The journalist speaks about Chiaretto di Bardolino Le Morette as the perfect wine to pair with a filet mignon. It is a particularly fine blend of adult beef, with a unique consistency and tenderness. In the search for the right wine for a fillet, it is essential that the proposal does not overwhelm the flavor of the meat and the aromatic notes of our rosé blend perfectly in this food pairing.

This choice was also shared by Eleanor Parker, manager of the Atlas Restaurant in Atlanta, thus motivating her decision: “With the cut’s low fat content and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture, a filet can pair perfectly with softer, more tender rosés, the personality and deep-red fruit backbone to stand up to a filet.”

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