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The new winery: a space where past and future meet

In October 2013 the new headquarters of the company Le Morette was inaugurated. It is a completely new structure, built with the greatest respect for the environment and surrounded by vineyards, in a 10 hectare area. The project focuses above all on agricultural and functional aspects, as well as on environmental awareness. The building recalls a traditional farmer’s courtyard and on the outer profile there are two turrets that stand out and from which the surrounding vineyards can be admired. The productive area, instead, is completely developed in the basement. This design choice allows to grape processing taking advantage of gravity thanks to the 7 metre depth where the work spaces – with the most modern oenological technologies – are. In the basement there is also the cooper, made with brick vaults. It is an environment with controlled temperature and humidity levels, designed for wine ageing. The cellar is almost self sufficient for electric energy production, thanks to the 92 Kw integrated type photovoltaic system which has architectural innovation features, that is with modules integrated in the construction process rather than applied as panels at a later stage. It is the largest system of this type, so far made in the province of Verona. Even the bulding’s  heating system draws from solar panels, thanks to the use of heating pumps which optimize their energy efficiency. This project represents for the Zenato family a point of arrival, crowning achievement for the dedications to work of three generations. And at the same time, it is a starting point, with suitable spaces at last and with the most modern technologies, which will allow the achievement of new goals.

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Az. Agr. Valerio Zenato s.s.
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Peschiera del Garda (VR)
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