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Research and experimentation in the vineyard

Thanks to their farming activity, passed on generation after generation, the Zenato family have developed a deep knowledge of the vine variety and the territory, particularly the Turbiana variety and its cultivation in the diverse environments of which the Lugana zone is made up.
A knowledge which was enhanced by Fabio Zenato in his agriculture degree dissertation, presented in 2000 at the University of Milan.
The research was focused on identifying the characteristics of the Turbiana vine, compared with other varieties.
Fabio’s dissertation gave birth to a specific study on behalf of the Agronomy faculty (in collaboration with the Lugana Consorzio) for the characterization of the Turbiana biotype, the true and authentic autocthon Lugana vine. A task which the company collaborates actively at as a university partner, from the farming point of view and monitoring the varieties on the territory.
The company collaborates also with the Università di Viticoltura Veronese at a project on clone selection and characterization of the many vine varieties typical of Verona and these experiences and skills are daily made the most of in winemaking.

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